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10 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Banister!

You've seen so many people re-stain and re-paint their banisters themselves and you think, "Can I really do that?" 
You love the fresh, painted, updated banister look, but wonder,
"Will I really be able to pull it off?" 
Well, have no fear, folks...I'm here to set you straight.

Reason #1. You love projects that never end! Projects that go on for days, weeks, months...those kind of projects give you extra energy and enthusiasm.

Reason #2. You enjoy the smell of the orange scented stripping formula that leaves a sticky goo on everything, causes headaches and forces your family to leave for days.
Right on! 

Reason #3. You appreciate getting feedback on your project every time a family member uses the stairs.
Oh, yah! 

Reason #4. You have been thinking about adding blue painters tape to your permanent stairway d├ęcor.

Reason #5. You delight in the sounds of sanding and re-sanding and even more sanding as you breathe in the smell of sawdust.   Mmm! Bring it on!

Reason #6. You believe that flying dust is entertainment.  You love to watch the layers of acrobatic dust moving in the air, attaching to every piece of furniture, molding, mirror, pillow, curtain, etc.  Whoohoo!

Reason #7. You get excited about taking multiple trips to the hardware store to buy more sandpaper and more brushes.
Sign me up!

Reason #8. You think that black stain drips on your white carpet is trendy.
That's right!

Reason #9. You believe that brush hairs, dust and those dried paint drips all add character to your railing's appearance.

And finally, Reason #10. You've been wanting to help God work on your patience.

So...what are you waiting for?

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