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Lettuce Thank You Pun Gift

So... there's this great 8th grade Washington State History program at my daughter's school.  Groups of ten kids are assigned 2 parents, 2 vans, a very limited budget and a part of Washington State to explore for 5 days.  There's lots of planning with lots of requirements including service projects and historical sights to see.  They have to budget their allotted money and figure out driving time, gas, lodging and food.  It's a week full of lots of learning for the kids.
     I knew that I could never make it through 5 days of driving teenagers across the state and there was NO way I could handle 5 nights of sleeping with I did NOT volunteer.  The 'angels' who did volunteer had more patience than I could even possibly comprehend!  I mean, really.  Do you know how smelly teenagers can get?  Do you understand how much they can eat?  Do you realize how loud their volume is?
     So, when the vans pulled into the school after 5 days on the road, I had a little appreciation gift for the volunteers.

Lettuce Thank You!

Easy, simple and a very organic way to say 'Thanks'.
You could also add in a gift certificate to the local Farmer's Market.

I bought these lettuce 'bowls' at our local neighborhood nursery. 
You could easily plant your own, buying lettuce starter plants of different varieties and potting them in a beautiful planter or in a metal colander.  (Wouldn't that be cute?)
It's amazing how many gorgeous varieties of lettuce there are!

Click here to print your own tags.

Mat tag onto green colored cardstock-- if you wish.

Use a large colored craft stick to tape the sign to.
Sign the back and hand deliver.

By the way...the volunteers were so excited to see lettuce!  Apparently teenagers don't eat much roughage?!

Have anyone in your life that would appreciate a little greenery?

And yes, I've used this pun before!
Click here for this hostess gift.


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