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Make Quick Thank Yous for Many Volunteers

500 volunteers to appreciate?!  Yikes!  Can that be done? 
Of course!

Our Youth Group volunteered to make 500 little appreciation gifts for the many volunteers of Jubilee Reach
Jubilee Reach is a non-profit organization that helps children and families in our local community.  They rely on hundreds of volunteers to run their many programs.

My job was to design the tags.  Easy enough.
First up was the mint theme.

All mint candies and small cellophane bags were purchased at the Dollar Store.

Plastic trays were used to separate the candies.

We set the kids to work filling and stapling the tags to the plastic bags.

...and before you could count to 300, the gifts were done!

Next came the Blow Pops.

Another cute little tag with a hole punched for the lollipop stick to slip through.  Secured with a tiny bit of tape on the back.

...and there you have it!  500 volunteer treats ready to hand out.

This was a great project for our youth group to do.
Interested in making your own?  I'm guessing you won't need to make 500?

Click here to print off the Commit-Mint tags.

Click here to print off the Blown Away tags.

Need some more thank you gift ideas?
Click here for 10+ quick teacher/volunteer ideas that will have you done in no time!


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