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Golf Themed Father's Day Party

Have a golf-lovin', 'tee-rific' dad in the house?
Here's a golf-themed party that will have the whole family celebrating.
 Start with a few 'choice' golf puns.  Click here to print your own.

Add in a brunch menu full of golf terms.
Start with sipping some Arnold Palmers--
half lemonade, half iced tea.
Large potato fries become, Potato 'Wedges'.

Water hazards made with blue jello and one white Sixlet candy for the golf ball-- steal the show.

Shoestring potato chips in shot glasses are cleverly named,
'Chip Shots'.

Layered 'Par'-faits go well with this party.

Individual egg dishes are named 'Bunker Bowls'

Chocolate chip pancakes make great 'Sand Traps'.
Hard boiled eggs are labeled, 'Birdie' Eggs.
And the bacon is called, 'Bogey Bacon'.

Cut and display fruit as 'Slices'.
Click here to print your own food labels.

And how about some 'Tee Off' Cupcakes? 
Real golf tees inserted inside the cupcakes with a powdered sugar donut on top. Green frosting to resemble grass.

Create a fun backdrop with real golf clubs and a banner that reads,
'Just Fore Dad'.

Decorate the table with turf, golf balls and tees.

Be sure to take lots of photos...

and finish off the party with a competitive game of putting.

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  1. Oh my goodness Michelle, this would be PERFECT for my hubby! So adorable. Love it!

  2. Okay, you've TOTALLY outdone yourself this time! Seriously, I think these are some of your best puns EVER!

  3. I am totally in love with this golf themed father’s day party. How lucky you were with the awesome weather!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I would love to host such a grand party on my dad’s birthday at the local venues for events in Florida.