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Here's the 'Lowe'down with a Lowes Gift Card

Giving dad a Lowe's gift card for Father's Day?
It seems like we do every year! 

This year I thought..."Surely I can come up with something a bit more creative when handing dad a gift card." 

Easy, clever and much more showy than a plain ol' gift card, don't you think?  You can easily make one, too.

Start with a Lowes gift card...of course.
Lighty adhere it to a piece of blue cardstock.

Print out the tag.  Click here to print your own.

Adhere the tag on the top half of the gift card. 

Punch a hole and thread some curling ribbon through.

Tie it up and add a message on the back.  And just like that-- your boring ol' Lowe's gift card is now a real presentation! 

Happy Father's Day!

Here's another gift card idea:

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1 comment :

  1. ha! It's great! Not sure how your brain comes up with so many of these puns!