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Plastic Wrap Party Game

I saw this game on Facebook awhile back and knew that we had to try it out!  It's the perfect game for a lively crowd.  No skill needed, except the ability to roll doubles...and apparently that can be a bit tricky?!

Object of the Game:  To roll doubles for a chance to unwrap the plastic wrap ball to get to the prizes. 


Think about your crowd when choosing items to put in your plastic wrap ball.  This was grandpa's birthday party.  We had adults, teens, pre-teens and a preschooler.  I selected items that would appeal to everyone.  Candy, gum, mints, pens and pencils, dollar bills and gift cards.  I also put in some chapstick and a few toys.  The number of items depends on how many people you have and how long you want the game to last.

We had 12 people and about 24 gifts.  Our game lasted about 10 minutes.

Be sure to have a few boxes of plastic wrap handy and 2 dice in a bowl. 
** If playing with more than 10 people, I would suggest 2 bowls of dice.

Take your best prize and wrap it at least 4 times with plastic wrap.  The more times you wrap the item, the better.  Our best prize was a $10. McDonalds gift card.  You could go really crazy with the prizes!
Now take the next prize and stick it on top of the gift you just wrapped. 
Wrap both gifts together with 4-8 rounds of plastic wrap.  Continue stacking the gifts on top and wrapping with lots of rounds of plastic wrap.

Have the guests sit in a circle on the floor.  Explain the rules.

1. When the bowl of dice comes to you, roll the dice, then quickly pass the bowl to the left.
2.  If you roll doubles, grab the plastic wrap ball and start unwrapping it.
3.  You are not allowed to rip or tear the plastic wrap.  You must find the loose end and unwrap it in one piece.  You many keep any prizes you unwrap.
4.  When someone else rolls doubles, you must immediately give them the ball.
5.  The game will continue until the ball is completely unwrapped.

**Alternate way to play: 
Each person must continue to roll the dice UNTIL they get doubles.  Once they get doubles, the plastic wrap ball is passed to them.

What fun we had trying to unroll the ball before someone else rolled doubles!

Sometimes you would see the prizes, but you just couldn't get to them in time.

And the winner of the gift card!

**Did you notice that everyone in the pictures are wearing plaid?  Click here to see our PLAID PARTY!

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