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Floral Mother's Day Party

Are you having a Mother's Day party this year?  Need some inspiration?  How about a floral theme?  This pink and yellow floral Mother's Day party was a hit!  You could pull it off, too.  The key?  Flowers!

Flowers at each place setting.  Floral wrapping paper as a runner down the table.  Potting flowers in the center of the table.  Floral paper products.  Flower shaped cookies.  You get the picture!  I went with a yellow and pink floral theme, but you could do any color combinations.

I like to use glass plates on top of patterned paper plates.  After the meal is served, the glass plates are collected.  The paper plate is then ready for dessert. 

A floral centerpiece made out of styrofoam letters adds a fun touch.  Click here for instructions.

Two long tables put together made enough seating for 14 guests.

Yellow ribbon is looped down the table.  Pink paper doilies and pink punch followed the color theme.

I made these name cards with thick washi tape wrapped around a floral paper straw.  The straw was stuck into a giant marshmallow.  I dipped the marshmallows into colored candy melts and rolled them into a plate of sprinkles.

Dessert was angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  Sugar cookies in flower shapes, added to the treats.

We played the LEFT RIGHT GAME- Mother's Day Version.  Click here for directions.  (It didn't have anything to do with flowers, but it really was fun!)

The grandmothers received their traditional Mother's Day gifts.  An herb garden and a stepping stone with the grandkid's handprints.

And a festive photo backdrop was made with pink wrapping paper and yellow ribbon. The inflatable frame was precious...

and the MOM centerpiece made a great prop...


and then things went downhill fast!  Yikes!

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