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Purple Hydrangea Birthday

The month of May is all about mom around our place.  Not just because it's Mother's Day, but my mom's birthday is in May, too.  This makes for a very festive month!
If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I love to have themed parties.  Last year we celebrated my mom's 70th birthday with a glamorous silver, sparkly theme.  Click here if you missed it. 

The year before was the Hawaiian  theme that was a bit over the top!  Click here to see that party.

And other years we had a
Cupcake Party, click here.

Before blogging days, we had themes as'll just have to trust me on that one.
So this May, I needed a birthday theme and was somehow drawn to the beautiful hydrangeas (mom's favorite flower) I was seeing in the stores. So...hydrangeas and purple it was. 

Lavender wrapping paper lined the table.  Purple balloons, curling ribbon and serpentine party d├ęcor helped decorate our dining room.  Glass plates on top of purple plates on top of blue chargers, set the color theme.  Purple napkins and purple candy cups at each place setting..

Purple candies (dark Hershey's Kisses and purple Sixlets) along with a purple kazoo.
(Kazoos are very important at birthday parties.  It gives everyone a chance to hum to the birthday song!)

Purple and midnight blue frosted sugar cookies made a brief appearance.

And hydrangeas everywhere!
Now here's where I ran into a problem.  The weeks leading up to the party I was seeing purple hydrangeas in the stores.  The actual day I needed to purchase flowers, there was not one purple or blue hydrangea left!  So, white had to do.  I put the real white hydrangeas in the same vases as the blue fake ones.  It worked OK.

And the cake.  A 4 layer chocolate cake with dark chocolate cream filling and buttercream icing.  Mmmm!  Mom loves chocolate!

I really, really wanted to try out this amazing hydrangea frosting look for my cake, but I didn't have the right tip or enough time.
Gorgeous Purple Cupcakes
Click here to view instructions
(I might have to have another hydrangea party to try again?!)

So, I blended my frosting colors and stuck a fake hydrangea on top.  Talk about one quick cake!  Remove fake flower before cutting and serving.

  I like to stack my cake stands for extra height and drama.

My mom's gifts were wrapped in purple gift bags.  The kids followed through on their handmade purple cards.

And of course my mom loved it!  She's easy to please.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!


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