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Birthday Gift for a 50-Year-Old

50th tags to print

Got a friend or a loved one turning 50? Here's a quick and fun idea.
Purchase a flower bouquet, potted plant or even an empty vase and fill it with these fun 50th tags.
Here's how.
1. Gather your supplies:
-A flower bouquet or a potted plant.
-Wooden skewers
-tape, stapler, scissors

Printable 50th birthday tags

2. Print the 50th cards on cardstock. Click here.

50th birthday printable tags

4. After printing, trim cards.
5. Tape cards to wooden skewers.
6. Optional: tape or staple a card to the back of each skewer so they're double-sided.
I used the #50 cards for the back of the written cards.

Printable 50th birthday tags @michellepaigeblogs.comGift for a 50-year-old

7. Be sure to write a little note on the back of at least one of the cards.
8. Using ribbon, tie a knot below each card and trim the ends.

Printable 50th birthday tags

9. Stick skewers into plant or flower bouquet.

Gift for a 50-year-old

10. Hand deliver to the new 50-year-old!
This works well for a front porch delivery or as a centerpiece for a 50th party.
I added vinyl 50 numbers to a pumpkin to go with this gift for my cousin. She finally turned 50 this year...I'm a year older!

Printable 50th birthday tags @michellepaigeblogs.comGift for a 50-year-old

Gift for a 50-year-old

Print your own 50 cards. Click here.


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