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40th Casino Party

I'm sharing some details from my Casino Party today.  Come take a look!

This is my most asked about party. 
It seems that having a casino themed party is quite popular for those of us turning 30 or 40?
This party was for our married friends, Mike and Jen.
(Their birthdays are 6 days apart from each other.)
Giant cards were hung over the curtains.  I added the black letters and pinned lots of 40's everywhere.

I hung playing cards from the chandelier. 
I used an old deck that I didn't mind destroying with holes.

As the birthday
couple arrived,
I gave Mike a
crown to wear...
'King Mike'
and Jen
wore a tiara...
'Queen Jen'.

Picture Gallery!
Days before the party, I put together Mike and Jen's school pictures through the years.

Guests were told to bring an appetizer to share.  As the food arrived, we made tags.
I taped a playing card onto a toothpick, added a white printing label and provided the guests with a marker to label their contribution.
I made an ice ring with dice in it for the punch!
As the ice melted, the dice ended up in the bottom of the punch bowl.

After lots of visiting and eating, it was time to start the Bunco game.
Have you ever played Bunco?  Click here for directions.

4 people to each table.
I borrowed lots of card tables and covered each one in green felt for that 'casino' feel.

At each table we placed a white take out box that had the table's number and snacks.

(When playing Bunco, the goal is to roll the most 'points' to work up to the number 1 table.)
(Another goal is to have fun, visit and eat snacks!)

Table snacks included heart and spade shaped pretzels and these fun casino chocolates.
(Snacks were were purchased at Cost Plus.)

When someone rolls a 'Bunco'
 (all dice are the same and correspond with the number being played),
that person gets to wear the 'Bunco' hat.
Everyone WANTS a turn to wear the Bunco hat!

And when the game is done, we always have a
Big Rolls for the Highest Roller
(Cinnabon gift certificate!  Get it?  Cinnamon ROLLS!)

and we also have a...
Don't worry, the loser gets a 'Boo' by prize.
Our party was in October, so we added a stuffed ghost to the bag of candy.
(Boo!  Get it?  'Boo'by prize?!  Never mind, guess you had to be there?)

 After a great game of Bunco,
King Mike and Queen Jen
opened a few presents.

Our friend, Mike has had an eye patch since age 4,
so when
I displayed the king card for Mike,
I had to add an appropriate eye patch.
 (Can you see it in the picture?)
And before anyone could leave, they had to have a piece of the yummy chocolate dice cake!
(Cake made by the 'super talented' Heidi.)

What a night!  Happy 40th Mike and Jen!

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  1. I need to know where you got the dice hat, I NEED one! My girlfriends and I play Bunco every month, it would be perfect!!

  2. AHHH..I want to live by you and become your dear friend so I can go to one of these parties :) So so creative!

  3. Clearly a party planned with love! Looks like everyone had a blast. And that photo gallery of school pictures is such a cute idea!

  4. That was such a fun party--I love seeing all our friends from so many walks of life! A great group and a great night!

  5. What a great party!! You are such a sweet friend !! I know they must have loved it! thanks for sharing at Uncommon!

    Bonnie :)