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Valentine S'mores Gift

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Today we're whipping up some Valentine S'mores Gifts!
S'mores love to you!

Remember the Christmas S'mores Gifts?  Click here if you missed that post.
It's the same cute little treat but, this time instead of Christmas Peeps, I used...

Strawberry Heart Mallows!  Mmmmm!
Have you tasted these things?  No?  Have you SMELLED these things?
They smell soooooo good!  (I do love marshmallows!)

Package up 1 graham cracker, broken in half.
(I like to place the graham cracker in it's own bag, but you don't have to.)
1 mini size Hershey's Chocolate bar.
At least 3 Heart Mallows!

Cut some valentine scrapbook paper into strips wide enough to cover
the cellophane bag.  I like to make my tags fold over the bag.

Print out a cute saying with the word 'S'mores' in it.
S'mores love to you.
Wishing you s'mores love on Valentines's Day.
I love you s'mores and s'mores every day.  (A bit mushy, sorry!)

Glue saying to the scrapbook paper.

Fold cellophane bag over a few times.
Staple tag onto bag.
And of course, I always have to add ribbon!
So, punch a hole and add a bow.

I once had someone tell me that they didn't like ribbon because they couldn't tie nice looking bows.
(Not like ribbon?  How horrible!)
Have no worries!  A ribbon knot looks just as cute as a bow.  (Maybe even cuter!)

Oh no!  I just noticed that I didn't add the instructions to these!

On the back of the cute tag, add the s'mores instructions.
I'm sure most people do not need instructions?
Most people don't wait until they're next to a microwave to eat they?  I wouldn't! 

Just in case, here are the instructions:

Place heart marshmallows and chocolate on top of one graham cracker.
Microwave a few seconds.
Place the other graham cracker on top.
Smush together and enjoy!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Super fast and super easy! (My kind of craft!)

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