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Rockstar Party!

We're 'Rockin' out today with a Rockstar Birthday Party!

I'm digging deep into the picture vaults and pulling out some past parties that I've never blogged.
These parties are 'pre-blog' days, so you might notice the pictures aren't exactly spectacular...
plus no over-the-top dessert table display!
Nonetheless, sit back and enjoy my daughter's 9th birthday.

The Theme:  Rockstar!
Having an agenda is a must at any of my parties!
We don't always follow it to the minute, but it sure is nice to have a plan.

First up:  Decorate Sunglasses!
Every rockstar has to have cool shades.

Curling ribbons and sticker gems and jewels (from Michaels) were used.
The girls wrote their names with Sharpie pens on the glasses
You might notice that each girl received a mirror ball necklace.
(Glasses and mirrored ball necklaces from Oriental Trading.)

Up Next:  Hair and Make-up!
Rockstars can't go on stage without crazy hair and make-up!

I covered my couch with plastic tablecloths and propped up every mirror in the house.
This made the perfect 'backstage' make-up area.
Wild hair pieces, dollar store make-up and diva bands were set out to use.
Pink ribbon skirts from a previous party were available too.

Oh, how the girls loved this activity! It was hard to pull them away!

Hurry girls, it's Stage Time!
I ordered this plastic backdrop (Oriental Trading, again) and hung it on the wall.  Instant stage!

Grab your inflatable guitar! (Guess where these came from?)

Music is ready!
Our karaoke machine was picked up last year at a neighborhood garage sale.
The girls chose to sing songs from Disney movies and Christian artists that we had available. 
Some even chose to sing Christmas songs!

We separated the girls into 2 groups. 
One group could perform while the other was the audience.
Lots of singing, but even more dancing! 

 A bit of choreography on the sidelines, too!

Up Next:  A Dance Off!
 (Just so you know...our family was very late to the whole gaming system trend.) 
This Double Dance Mat was plugged into the TV and the girls battled each other to do the moves on the screen.

After all that performing, it was time for some nourishment.

(My daughter's birthday is in December--which is why you see the Christmas tree.)
Our Rockstar Meal included:
-'Rockin' Dogs' (bar-b-qued hot dogs)
-'Orange you're cool' mandarin oranges
-'Snappy' chips and pretzel mix
-'Dying of thirst' water bottles
-'Electric' Capri Sun juice

 Rockstar cupcakes and cookies for dessert.
I found 'Hannah Montana' sugar guitars and stars to put on top of the cupcakes.
The plastic guitars hanging from the chandelier are 'Hannah Montana' guitar Easter eggs.
(Random, I know.)
And while the girls waited to be escorted home...
more dancing!
The parents were quite suprised to see their 'rockstar' girls! 
What fun!


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  1. What a fun party! I bet all those girls just ate it up!! Thank you for linking up to my weekly party!!


  2. This is great! My daughter had a Michael Jackson/rock star party this past year and we had so much fun! I love your stage! I'd love it if you shared it at my party!

  3. Oh my goodness! They look like they had SO MUCH FUN! I bet the other girls wish your daughter had birthdays more often. :)

  4. I dont know how you managed to get all that fun stuff packed into only 1 1/2 hours!!! I'd love to have you share this with our readers for our Fun Stuff Fridays link up!

  5. Wanted to let you know we're featuring your Rock Star Party tomorrow! Stop by and check it out.

  6. Super cute birthday party ideas! I will def try some for my daughters 8th bday!

  7. love the idea thank you

  8. I was just wondering where you got your white sunglasses? Are they child size or adult?

  9. White (decorate your own)sunglasses were ordered from Oriental Trading. I think I ordered the adult size.