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Valentine Treats on a Stick


Yesterday, the kids and I made some chocolate chip cookies with lollipop sticks.
Chocolate chip cookie + stick= Chocolate chip pops!
For some reason, cookies on a lollipop stick are much more fun!

We simply put our chocolate chip cookie dough into the heart pan, added the lollipop sticks and baked.
Click here for heart shaped cookie pan source.

Just be careful not to bump the sticks when taking the cookies out of the oven.
 It's OK, we all like eating the rejects!

Place cookies in a cellophane bag or a simple sandwich bag.

Tie up with Baker's twine and a bit of ric rac.

Hand out to those you love!

Here's some more 'Valentines on a stick' ideas for you!

Look at these fun Valentine Sugar Cookie Pops from The Audzipan Anthology.

You've seen these Valentine Heart Lollipops made with candy canes, right?
They're so sweet and adorable!
Making Memories with Your Kids made this version.
I'm in love with these Hot Chocolate Dippers.
The Moody Fashionista created these.
Homespun with Love dressed up these lollipops with stickers, ribbons and feathers!
So clever to embellish a plain lollipop!  I need to remember this idea!

Nifty Thrifty Things made these mini pies on a stick...
and click here to see her waffles on a stick, too!

Look at these precious marshmallows on a stick? nope it's a straw, from Mommygaga.  So pretty!
And what about fondue sticks?  They count too!
Bridgey Widgey created a Cupcake Fondue night for her family.
I'm so 'Fondue' of this idea!  Wouldn't your family love this?

Click here to see more inspiring Valentine ideas from the Valentine Link Party!
Thanks to all for linking up!


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  1. Love your cute chocolate chip cookies on a stick! Thanks for showing off our Sassy Lollipops too! :)

  2. Can I get some of those? They look yummy...

  3. Chocolate chips any where and anytime are the BEST! Great idea