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Army Party

I've been asked a few times to share my son's Army Party...
It took awhile to locate the pictures, and edit the fuzziness (it only helped a little),
but here you have...
An Army Party!

Side Note:  My son's fascination with having an Army Party
started with those little green soldier guys from Toy Story. 
Unbelievably, my 'amazing' mother-in-law had saved every
green army guy (plus vehicles) from AH's (Awesome Husband) childhood!
She brought them over and my kid thought he was in heaven! 

Right about this time is when my son also started begging to wear camouflage clothing,
drawing huge military battle scenes, picking up sticks and pretending they were guns...
What is a mother to do? 
Have an Army Party, of course!

Army Party Agenda
Gear is in place.

AH (Awesome Husband) played the role of Commander Dad.
He led the boys through some Army Drill Training.
Marching---Left, left, left, right, left...
Jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups...

 and lots of practice on the army crawl.

Good work, soldiers!
 We played a quick game of  'Pin the Badge on the soldier'. 

 Up next, Flight Assembly.

Using foam glider kits, the boys assembled and decorated their army jets.

Lots of test flights followed.

Only the brave and daring took part in the parachuting.
We brought in a ladder to help with take off.

I always love watching the creativity of the kids.
They took their parachute guy and rigged him up to their gliders for drop off.
(You know, stuff a mom can't even begin to imagine doing!)

And of course, the most anticipated activity of the afternoon!

Strategic Army Set-up and Battle.
The kids divided themselves into groups and set up their soldiers and tanks.
Then the battle started.
(This is where I'm really lost...
One by one they say what their soldier can do and how many guys he can take out.
The battle seems to go on forever!)

Time to eat!

I cut out camouflage shapes out of green felt for the place mats
and arranged a few of the tanks down the center of the table.

I found the tank cake idea online somewhere and made it in under an hour!

Another side note:  The entire family had come down with the stomach flu 2 days before this party...
My son looked around at our bare house the day before the guests were to arrive and asked if he really was going to have a party.  "Of course," I said.  "It will all get done." 
(I have never thrown a party together so quickly!  I made the cake 2 hours before the party started.)

Whew!  We did it!
Happy Birthday, Kid!

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  1. This is the coolest party I have seen for boys! Nothing froo froo about it, but it is amazing!

    Take care! Trish @ Uncommon

  2. I think this is my favorite party of yours that I have seen - this is a party any boy would just love to have or go to

  3. I have a nephew who is completely nutty about all things army. this gives me some great ideas. Great blog. Just happened on it when I was checking my sister’s blog. She is another Michelle. I am from New Zealand and blog on travel amongst other things. You might be interested in this post about the top ten places I have visited in New Zealand Will enjoy following your blog.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Michelle
    Sorry - dont know what happend wth previous answer..

    Just what I was looking for :) Thanks for ideas. I have to make a soldiers
    party for my son - 9 years next friday..

    Carina Hansen

  6. I'm busy planning my son's Army party. Love your ideas. Take care, Georgia