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Snow Party!

Another party to share with you.


Here's the agenda.

Free play is first! 
Lots of balloons waiting to be played with, while the guests arrive.

Next up, Craft Time!

I ordered the beaded snowflake craft kits and the
snowflake headbands from Oriental Trading. 

Waded up paper snowballs were hidden around the house for the treasure hunt.
Each snowball was a different clue for the girls to find.
The final clue led them to the front porch where a 'cool' snack treasure was waiting for them.

Next game:  Dress the Snowkid!

Two teams were formed with a basket of snow clothes.
One girl from each team was the 'snowkid'.  I put a mask on the 'snowkid' so they couldn't see.
Each team tried to dress their 'snowkid' as fast as they could.
Of course, every girl wanted to have a turn being the 'snowkid'!

Next game:  Pin the Carrot on the Snowman.
I made a simple snowman on the wall out of paper.
Cut out some paper carrots and wrote the girl's names on them.

It always surprises me how much fun the kids have
playing this classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game.

Snowball Fight!!
I divided the room into half with a piece of masking tape on the floor
and placed a blue bin on each side.
I divided the girls into two teams and gave them a stack of white paper.
Their job:  Don't cross the line while they crumple each sheet of paper into a snowball
and try to throw it into the other team's bin. 
(This is always a fun game as some try to be defenders of their own team's bin,
while others just crumple as fast as they can.)

Somewhere, somehow I have lost the snowman cake and dinner pictures...
I'll keep looking for them...

Here the girls are eating their 'treasure hunt' snack.

And sticking with the 'cold' cream sandwiches for dessert.
I always love looking back at these parties...
This 'Snow Themed' party would be fun to have in the summer, too!

Did you miss any of the past parties I've been blogging?



  1. Can I come live at your house for a while?! It looks like SO much fun! This is one of my favorite parties you have is all so cute and the kids are having a blast. And I think your agenda's are brilliant! I am definitely doing that the next time I throw a party!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like SO much fun!! My San Diego boys LOVE the snow and would be in heaven at a "snow" themed party :)