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40th Hat Party!

It's Party time here at Michelle Paige!

(I'm sharing pre-blogging parties that are just dying to get out of the computer file and onto the blog!)

Today I'm sharing our friend's 40th Birthday Party.

Hats Off to Forty!
Decorations up first.  We decorated with...hats, of course! 
I put a call out to all friends and teachers to loan me their hats.
The drama closet at our church had some great ones!

Can you believe all these great hats!
I simply filled my bookcases.

A friend helped me put hats on each cabinet in the kitchen.

Party hats were added to the chandelier.

Time for the party...

Here's the arrival of the Birthday Couple!
The invitation said to wear a hat.
Heidi arrived in a tiara...Gordon arrived in his bike helmet!
(Very fitting!)
Both turned 40 within a few weeks of each a 'couple party' made sense.

Some guests arrived in cute and simple hats...

some in comfortable hats and vintage dress hats.

Some came ready to party!  Whoa!

And then there were the 'real' party animals! Crazy!

 Everyone brought an appetizer to share, so no 'hat' related food...
(I'm trying to think what 'hat' related food would be...)
However we did serve chips in cowboy hats. (sorry, no picture.)

Lots of pictures were displayed for viewing.

 For entertainment, we all sat down to a competitive game of Bunco.
(Bunco is a rolling dice game that takes no skill, just luck!)
 Did you notice the candy in little plastic baseball caps?  (Have to stick with the theme!)

And of course in every game we have the

and the...

(Airhead candy for the loser, in a party hat- of course!)

And don't forget the cake! 
We ordered a Costco sheet cake and embellished it up a bit.
A mini bike helmet cake for Gordon,
(well, I tried to make it look like a bike helmet.)
and a fancy hat cake for Heidi!

What a way to turn 40!

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  1. What a fun idea! I love the chicken one:)

  2. A great party, Michelle. Wondering what the next one will be? Mine?

  3. What a SUPER cute idea! I love the idea since by that age (which was my last birthday) this theme is so fittingly appropriate! Thanks for sharing such a great idea...I'm thinking about who to throw one of these for! ;)

  4. What fun! My husband turns 40 so I'm trying to think of some party ideas for him - love that all your friends came in hats

  5. A party isn't the same without a brightly colored and decorative party hat. Although it's easy to purchase cone party hats that match the color scheme for your celebration, it's a lot more fun to create your own wild party hats.