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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Cute---Lollipop Valentines

Here's another great idea found onlineClick here for source.

Take a picture of your child, with their arm stretched out towards the camera.  Have them pretend they're holding a stick with their hand.  Using a sharp blade, cut a slit into the picture at the top of their fist and the bottom of their fist.  Thread a lollipop through the slits. 

 I added a red and white umbrella to my background--to give it some valentine color.

I also added a stamp from my 'Stampin Up' supply that says, "Just for you!". 
I used white, circle labels from Avery to stamp on, then stuck them right onto the photo.

 Such a fun and fast idea that could be used for many other occasions--holding pencils, flowers, pinwheels, pixy stix, etc. etc.

Just for you!

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