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Candy Robot Craft--TicTac vs. Candy hearts

Candy robots. 
What kid wouldn't want a candy robot?
These are the perfect party favor for any mechanical/technology themed party or a fun craft for kids to make.

I found this super cute TicTac candy robot craft online---
click here for link . 
A great idea for Valentine's Day!

These robots were just what my (almost) 9 year-old son to make for his 'technology-themed' Cub Scout dinner party.
After showing him the above picture, I learned a few things...

Apparently (almost 9 year-olds) do not like 'spicy' mints like TicTacs.  Therefore, nothing should be made with 'spicy' mints.  Also, all cool robots need arms.  Who knew?   
Here's a shot of the candy heart robots that my son created.  These are double-sided robots.

The white tag reads:  ROBOTS LOVE CUB SCOUTS!

Later, at the Cub Scouts dinner....
the candy robots were a was the incredible robot
they made from old appliance junk and a lot of duct tape!

I used my son's idea and the leftover candy to make 2 more candy heart robots for my nephews.

I packaged them up in cellophane bags and added a tag that reads: