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Angels: A Prayer Card for the Car

The most dangerous activity I do everyday is get in my car and drive. (Yes, I lead a pretty calm life...and no, I'm not a crazy, speedster!) When I first get into my car I always say a quick prayer of , "God keep us safe."  If I happen to be venturing into Seattle I like to add, "and please help me not to get lost." 
One of my friends got rear-ended the other day on a nearby busy street.  Apparently, a teen driver wasn't paying attention to all the stopped up traffic and ran right into the back of her stopped car.  Thankfully, she is OK.  She's in a bit of pain, but I'm thanking God that her children were not with her and that she was safe.  There's a bit of damage to her car, but really could have been much, much worse. 
This incident reminded me of that old Amy Grant song: Angels Watching Over Me. Although her video is ridiculous, I love the words to this song. 'Though I never see with human eyes, the hands that lead me home...' One of my favorite angel verses from the Bible is Psalm 91:11 For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Sticking with the angel theme here... I just so happened to be in college right around the time that angels were really popular. (Yes, that was awhile ago, but then again so was that Amy Grant song!)  It seemed like angels were the 'in' thing.  Printed on posters, pillows, bookmarks, T-shirts, notepads, you name it!  I had always liked angels as a child, so when angels starting popping up on things, I started collecting them.  My dorm room in college was full of the typical angel decor.  Family and friends would give me angel knickknacks and gifts.  My first apartment was filled with angel paraphernalia!  I actually had my mother-in law help me put up an angel wallpaper border in the bathroom of our first home!  It's true! (Did I mention I have an amazing mother-in-law and an awesome husband?  He lived with that angel bathroom for years!)
Well, most of those angel things have been tossed out, given away or in the wallpaper's case--'steamed off'.  Ha!  But don't worry, I still like angels.  Every December our Christmas tree is full of mostly angel ornaments that I adore, given to me by family and friends.  Come to think of it, I still have a few angel pillows that I put out as well, oh and some Christmas angel wall hangings...and...and...

I will always love angels, especially the image of God's angels protecting me as I'm driving, lifting me up in their hands so I will not be hurt. It brings me great comfort to know that angels are watching my every step. The scripture says they are commanded by God to guard and protect US! Yes, God has commanded them to watch over us! Not because of what we are, what we do, or what we say, but because we love Him! That's it! Because we love Him, we are important to Him. Looove this!
I wrote out a prayer using some of the words and promises from Psalm 91. I printed it out for my friend to have in her car to pray before she drives.

Here's the prayer card I made.

After printing out the words, I backed it onto cardstock and covered it with clear contact paper. I added an eyelet and tied a pretty ribbon to make a loop. It slips over the control stick in my car.

It reads:   As you start your day in the car,
                                                from Psalm 91.  

Lord, I pray the promises of Psalm 91 over our family and ask you to command your angels to guard us in all our ways today.  May Your angels lift us up in their hands and keep us safe as we go about our day.  Because we love You, Lord and have acknowledged Your name, You have promised to rescue us and protect us.  When we are in troubles, we will call upon Your name.  We trust that You will answer us and be with us always.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Reciting this scripture or praying it aloud to God, doesn't mean that we will never get in a car wreck or never get hurt in an accident. Praying scripture allows us to trust and be comforted in God's promises that no matter what He allows to happen, He will protect us and rescue us and will be with us in all our times of troubles....And yes, this means He'll be there even when I'm completely lost in Seattle!