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Puppy Shaped Treats!

We had a birthday breakfast party for Nana over the week-end!
The Theme:  Puppies!
Reason:  Nana's Birthday
Nana and Papa got a new puppy this summer!

We made puppy waffles!  Aren't they cute?!

For the eyes:  marshmallow slices with a big blueberry on top.
The sticky marshmallow works great to get the blueberry to stay!

My 'adorable' nephew loved the eyes!

The nose was another blueberry with a slice of red grape.

The ears were strips of bacon!

We also made some Puppy Pops!

Scraps of paper, ribbon, google eyes and hot glue.

 Each 'Puppy Pop' was a name marker for the table.

Notice the fruit in the dog dishes?
I always love a good theme!

Want to see more on the puppy party?  Of course you do!  Click here!
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  1. This is such a cute idea. My almost 3yr old son saw this can said oooh ruff-waffles!

  2. What a cute treat. Happy Birthday Nana.

  3. So much fun - I'll have to remember this next time we have waffles or pancakes.

  4. what a cute idea think I may borrow for back to school breakfast

  5. Michelle,

    This is a beautiful post! Your waffles are adorable and I like the eyes just like your nephew! Haha. Thank you so much for linking up and partying at Home Savvy A to Z this week!