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Water (and mud) Sponge Bombs!

Seattle finally has warm enough weather to make these fun Water Sponge Bombs that I spotted online.

click here for the original idea from Whipperberry also here for Today's Creative Blog's version.

I purchased lots of sponges, a mop refill, cleaning cloths and

a package of cable ties.

Cut the sponges into thirds.

Cut the cloths into strips and separate the mop pieces.

Grasp a collection of sponge pieces, mop strips and cloths in the center.

Thread a cable tie around the center and pull tight. 
Trim the excess.

To cover the cable tie 'knob', use two of the mop strips and...

tie a knot right on top.

Fluff them up a bit and here they are---Water Sponge Bombs! 

They're so cute and fun, you don't even need water to play with them!
(I might make some more for our Sunday School Class to toss around!)

When you're ready, fill up a big bucket of water and add the sponge bombs...

Now go play!

 Have fun!

and guess what happens when the sponges meet the sand...
Mud Bombs!  Oh my...look at that silly little grin.  Hey, I'm holding a camera here, WATCH OUT!


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  1. What a fantastic idea Michelle! Those would be great in the pool too!

  2. The Robblee's look like they are having tons of fun this summer! Can't believe it is already August...can't wait to see Jacob in a few weeks!!

  3. These are so fun. We made these during vacation bible school and called them Sea Anemones!

  4. If you include a big rubber band with you tie all together, you can shoot them, like archery