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Baby Moses Craft for Sunday School

It's time for another Sunday School craft!
AH (awesome husband) and I are teaching the Kindergarten/1st grade Sunday School class at our church. 
Last week's lesson was on Baby Moses in the basket.  I wanted to come up with a craft that the kids could take home and use to retell the story of Moses being found in the basket.
So, we made some baskets...well really boxes, but we're calling them baskets.

We used empty juice boxes, material scraps, paper towels and plastic tape.
Oh, and hot glue!

We had each kid drink a beverage.
We then wrapped brown material over the top half and the sides of the box.

A bit of hot glue kept the material in place.

We adhered the plastic tape over the seam of the material all the way around the box.

Using sharp scissors, a small rectangular opening was cut in the top of the box.
We had each child dry out their box with a paper towel.

Each child used a small piece of felt to wrap up a broken popsicle stick to make Baby Moses.
(A dab of glue helped the felt stick.)
Each child drew on two eyes and a mouth. 
(Smiling mouth, screaming mouth, scared mouth---we had all kinds!)
Each child made a bed for Moses with a cotton ball.
Then they put Moses in the basket.
Some children chose to decorate their baskets using Sharpies.

We filled a great big plastic tub full of water for 'the river'.
Blocks of styrofoam were loaded up with greenery to hide the baskets.

Each child tried out their basket making sure they floated in the water.
We practiced telling the Bible story of Pharaoh's daughter finding Moses and how brave and helpful Moses' sister was in offering and getting help.
We talked about how God protects us and how God protected Moses.
We talked about how our brothers and sisters watch out for us,
and how we must watch out for them.
We thanked God for our family.  We thanked God for his protection and watching over us. 

We heard later that one child insisted that Baby Moses join her in the bath at home.
Too cute!
Happy Sunday to you!


  1. brinkka2011 says: Took me time to read all the comments, but I genuinely enjoyed the post. It proved to be Pretty helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here It is always great when you can not only be informed, but also entertained Im certain you had fun writing this write-up.

  2. Crafts are great to stimulate the children to help them understand a lesson or to keep their minds busy in order to listen to the lesson being taught. They also are beneficial in developing eye/hand coordination

  3. I'm wanting to try this next Wed in my class. Been having them juice every week but forgot to keep the boxes. My children like to move around and do things in class not just sit and listen to you tell the story. I've been trying to have things for them to make so they can remember the bible lesson when they see the craft they made on the story. thanks so very much for sharing

  4. That is a neat idea. I'm teaching this lesson Wed and very excited about using your idea. My kids are pre-k to 1st and they like doing things like this . They don't like just sitting and listing to a story are looking at a flip chart. they like to have hands on. thank you for sharing.