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Bus Driver Thank You Gift

It's finally time for school to be out for the summer!  Whooohoo!

Once again, I put my son in charge of a thank you gift for the bus driver. 

This time I handed him a bag of those yummy, fattening Lindt Chocolate Truffles...
and said, "Can you make this into a school bus?"

He looked at the bag for awhile and said, "Can I open it?" 
"Open it?  No, it's a gift.  You don't open someones gift...what are you thinking?"
(I totally thought he wanted to pop one of the chocolates into his mouth!)

"Mom, I want to make the candies into the wheels."

So off to the store I went to buy another bag of chocolates...
...and here's how my crafty boy made this school bus thank you.

Take bag of chocolates and turn it on it's do you see a bus?

Open another bag of chocolates and use 4 of the chocolates to make wheels for the bus.

Glue candies right onto the package with hot glue or Glue Dots.
(You're starting to see a bus, aren't you?!)

Take one sheet of yellow cardstock and
fold it in half to go over both sides of the bag of chocolates.
Keep paper folded to cut out a squarish shape for the front engine of the bus.

On one side of the bus, draw windows and color them in with a black Sharpie.
Apply masking tape 'bubbles' to the candy package on both sides.
Press paper onto the package.

Using a circle punch, cut out a few circles for the heads.
Fill in the faces using markers and glue onto the windows of the bus.

The back side of the bus can be used to write a thank you note.

We added an extra chocolate 'wheel' in the front of the bus to help it stand up.
We also added a few paper scraps to put clothes on the faces.

And there you have it...

What a great year we had!  Thank you Bus Driver Dan.

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I can't wait to share some of the fun creations!


  1. Awesome gift! and so thoughtful :)

  2. Such a great gift..I bet the driver loved it!


  3. Super cute. My girls were complaining that their bus driver wasn't very friendly so I had them make a card and encouraged them to say "hello" to him, he warmed up a bit. I would never have thought to do anything except for your blog.

  4. Still my favorite back-to-school gift idea EVER!!!! We did a simple "card" version this year... this is such a sweet idea! THANKS!! Happy back to school!!!!

  5. I just happened to stumble upon this blog entry through my various google searches, looking for new ideas of handling my kids, activities to keep structure to my school bus, etc. I have to say, there's nothing that fills my heart more than getting gifts that the kids and/or parents put effort such as this into. I am only on my 4th school year of driving, have had the same routes for this time, and I have such a great connection with the families and kids that some are like family. I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to teach your son to show appreciation such as this. It's a thankless job 95% of the time. This 5% makes all the hard times worth it. I thank you.