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Make a Sand Castle Centerpiece

Don't let summer slip away without making a sand castle.
We made this one for a fun, beachy centerpiece.

(Inspiration came from this post found on Pinterest.)
Quite the summer memory, don't you think?

Here's how we made our castle.

Tape together a castle using recycled items:  cans, boxes, egg cartons...anything you can find.
If possible use plain boxes, or turn the boxes inside out to hide any writing.
Masking tape works best because the sand will stick to it easily.

Now we're ready to get serious! 
Gather your Mod Podge, brushes and a huge pail of DRY sand!
Our sand came straight from the beach.

Slap on the Mod Podge with a brush and pour the sand on.
There's no need to be neat and precise.
Work quickly and don't be afraid of making a mess!
We put our castle on a cookie sheet to help contain the sand.
This is the perfect craft for kids who like getting their hands dirty!
(I keep waiting for my son to like messy crafts, but...he's still not a fan.)
Thankfully, my daughter doesn't mind one bit!

After you've covered the castle with one layer of sand,
tip castle to remove the extra sand,
then let it dry completely.
(Perfect time for a quick trumpet lesson from Papa.)
Now back to work....
Add one more layer of ModPodge and sand.
Cover all those spots that look bare and load on some more sand.
Let dry, then add on some decorations.

We 'hot glued' on some blue glass rocks and
the salt dough starfish we made from this post.

It's quite the centerpiece, don't you think?



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  1. Love it! I wish I had it for my Mermaid party?

  2. This looks so awesome! Your beachy crafts make me want to go on vacation! :)

  3. I want to have a party just to make this. DAZZLING!!!