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Salt Dough Starfish

It's been awhile since I've done a salt dough craft...
Remember this project with salt dough LEGO guys from way back when?
I wasn't sure if I was ready to tackle another one,
but when I saw this tutorial I knew I had to try. 
Make your own starfish?  Really?  Yes!
Possibly the easiest salt dough recipe and project you'll ever make...
Salt Dough Starfish
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup warm water
Mix it up into a dough.
I forced my kids to help me. 
We've apparently hit the age where "Mom's crafts aren't cool anymore."
"We want to do our own things."  "This isn't fun, mom."
That is until the doorbell rings and a neighbor girl walks in.

"Oh, this is so cool, can I help?" she says...
"Wow, you guys are so lucky your mom does this stuff with you."
"Can you come get me the next time you make things?"
I almost died laughing as I watched my kids' faces!
I promise I did not pay the child or plan out her perfect timing.
Thankfully, she saved the day and I had lots of help.

 Step 1:  Take a piece of the salt dough and
flatten it into a small 'cookie' sized circle.
Step 2:  Using a table knife, cut out a star figure.
Step 3:  Shape starfish with fingers.
Bend, flatten, pull, round the edges, etc. 

Step 4:  Use a toothpick and poke holes and draw on spines.
Step 5:  Make a hole in the tops of the starfish that you want to hang.
We used a pen cap to make the hole.
Step 6:  Bake the starfish in the oven on 200 degrees for many hours...
or place outside in a warm spot for a day or two.
Of course in the Seattle area, it takes forever for anything to dry.
I ended up cooking them upside down to help, after a few days of them sitting out.
Once they're finally dry....display!
(I might go back and put a clear sealant on them...or maybe not?)

Here's a sneak peak from our Starfish Party
blog post coming soon!

Notice the starfish? 

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  1. Very cute! And since I'm on a beachy kick--perfect! I may be trying this very soon.

  2. Those are so cute! I can't believe you made them by hand! So amazing. Thanks for sharing!