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Last Minute 'Nutty' Neighbor Gift

I have to admit that many times the neighbors' gifts,
are the last ones I think about, plan for and make!

I usually put together a plate of cookies and treats,
but sometimes in the craziness of getting everything done, the baking doesn't happen...

Or, if you happen to have really healthy neighbors (we do!) they do NOT want the sweets!
Crazy, I know...but it's true.

Here's what I crafted up for our 'healthy' neighbors.
Yes, it's true...our family is a little nutty.
Yes, our neighbors are's nothing new.
We all have our own quirks
and our family has a few more quirks than most.

Plus, I love a good pun!
Gather up some ribbon, cellophane bags,
and an assortment of nuts.
Dump the nuts into cellophane bags and tie with ribbon.
(They look so much cuter this way!)

Make a tag, or just copy this one in a Word document.
Use cardstock to mat the tag. 
Tape onto a big-sized popsicle stick.

Stick the bags of nuts and the cute tag into a Christmas bowl.
Deliver to your neighbors.
Merry Christmas!