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Quick Candy Cane Brownies

And just when you thought we were all 'candy cane-d' out
 from the Candy Cane Party...

I present you with Quick Candy Cane Brownies!

Whip these up with a boxed brownie mix
and you'll have a super fast treat to give away or serve.

You could use any brownie recipe,
but when you're in a hurry (like I usally am)
use your favorite brownie boxed mix.
Follow the directions and bake a pan of brownies.
Let cool for about 3-4 minutes.

Then, place mini candy canes evenly spaced apart covering the pan.  Push them down a bit to sink them into the brownie.

Cut the pan of brownies into squares. 
Each candy cane should be centered in the middle of each square.
*Remember-- if cutting warm brownies, use a plastic knife!!

Dust the pan with a layer of powdered sugar!

The Birthday Girl helped me make these and package them up to give to her classmates.
I was shocked to learn that at her new private school,
homemade treats are allowed!  Yay!  (
Unheard of around here.)

If you missed the many candy cane posts, stay awhile and visit.

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1 comment :

  1. Very cute. No treats allowed at our school, except store bought and only a few times a year. No candy at Valentine's Day even. No cupcakes for birthdays, etc. What is this world coming to? Trying to keep our kids healthy, but at what cost? LOL!