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A 40th Baseball Birthday Celebration

Has it really been almost a month since I've posted last?
Why yes, yes it has. I have my reasons...I really do.
(1) My computer went dead. It's really hard to blog without a computer. (It's still not doing too great. I'm hoping it won't go dead in the middle of this post.)
(2) Family company. You really can't blog when you need to clean your house and then you want to visit with family that you rarely get to see.
(3) A trip to Arizona! (Read post for more details.)
(4) March birthdays!!
March is one of those packed birthday months in our house. Everyone seems to have a birthday in March...including my son and my AH (Awesome Husband). I've had to pull off multiple birthday parties and now I'm finally coming up to breathe. Whew! I almost forgot what blogging was? (Just kidding.)
Today I'm sharing with you how I celebrated AH's
(Awesome Husband's) 40th Birthday.

After AH spoiled me for my 40th,
(click here if you missed that post,)
I knew I had to do something fun and creative for him.
(Yes, in case you're wondering, I married a younger man.  What can I say?  I fell for him.)

My AH is a die hard baseball fan!

With the help of the in-laws and some baseball buddies, a trip was planned to attend some Spring Training baseball games in Arizona.

In the meantime, I whipped up a 40 day countdown to 40!

I made these labels to tape onto 40 paper sacks. 
One sack for 40 days until he turned 40 years old.
I printed out 40 baseball jokes.

(Yes, it took some time finding 40 baseball jokes. 
Some were better than others.)

"Who is the meanest person in baseball?
The pinch hitter (of course!)"

"Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team?
She ran away from the ball."
If you're interested in printing out 40 baseball jokes, click on these links.
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10

I also printed out 40 love note cards. 
(It's a little mushy, sorry.)
On each card, I handwrote a reason why I love him.
(Maybe it's more than a little mushy?)

Each day for 40 days, I placed:


-a favorite snack item
-a baseball joke
and a love note inside each sack.
My kids were so jealous that I've never done this for their birthdays.  (Maybe next year, kids?)

Each morning a sack was waiting for AH to open.

Almost 40 days later...

We arrived in Peoria, AZ to watch the Mariners.
What fun we had! 
AH's parents and sister and family joined us.

I used the baseball jokes to help decorate the rental home we stayed in.

On the mirror I taped up pictures of the first 21 years of AH's life.(He still looks like he's 21 to me!)

Now, (truth be told)
the best part of this birthday was when the families left
(we flew home for the kids to get to school,)

and the baseball buddies arrived.
3 days crammed with 4 games in the sun,
stadium food and constant baseball chatter.

Not to mention lots of autographs, pictures
and a fly away bat caught!  What a way to celebrate!

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  1. Love it all Michelle! So much fun

  2. You are the most amazing wife EVER!! I love all the little details to make your mans special day so wonderful...thanks so much for sharing!!