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FROG Baby Shower

It's a Frog Baby Shower!

Come take a look at this 'ribbiting' frog shower for a baby girl!

I made 'leaping' invitations with a 'pop out' frog on green floral wire.  'Boing'!

The 'toad-ally' cute decor was based around this chevron wrapping paper found at Target.
Hot pink, yellow and lime green worked perfectly.
A collection of paper lanterns were hung from the ceiling.
Stuffed frogs were scattered around the room.

All the treats were appropriately froggy labeled.
The 'green slime cups' were a hit!

The froggy cupcakes were taken from this site.

A 'frog-ulous' idea (are you 'croakin' over my puns, yet?)
was to have a frame for the guests to sign.
Each guest made their fingerprint look like a frog and signed their name.
The frame will hang in the baby's frog themed nursery.

Lots of activities took place at this church shower.
The mom-to-be is a youth leader, so all the youth girls attended.
Of course we had to have a long jump...because that's what frogs do, right?
Apparently tweens long jump, too.

We played, 'Guess What's In the Bag' game.
Each item was for a baby and started with the letter F, R, O, G.
The guests had to only look at the outside of the sack and guess the item.
(Fingernail clippers, Rattle, Onesie, Gerber Green Beans)

Lots of gifts were opened...and a few were appropriately themed!

A  F.R.O.G. devotion was done by a special friend and youth leader, too.
No, the shower devotion was not based on the frog plagues of the Bible,
but on the acronym of F. R. O. G.
Fully Rely On God.
Many encouraging scriptures and stories were shared on how we can
 Fully Rely On God as we parent our children.

And don't forget the most important part...
Don't you love that the guests wore green?!
(One teen even made a frog print skirt for the was 'frog-tastic!')

Each guest took home a froggy pop to remind them to Fully Rely On God.

 Thanks for all the help, Meghan!
Congrats to you, Leslie!

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  1. Oh my...sooo much cuteness, I can't believe it. Great job Michelle

  2. I LOVE your party planning skills! My favorite thing is the frog fingerprint frame! I just don't know how you come up with these things! :) I wanted to respond to the comments you've left on my blog lately, but you're a "no-comment" reply blogger now. :( Have a great holiday today!

  3. I always love your attention to details in parties Michelle!! I have so many favorites between the color scheme (oh those lanterns!) and the cute cupcakes but seriously the frog thumb prints are BEYOND adorable!!!

  4. Darling! thank you for linking :)

  5. Everything looks absolutely fabulous. What fun ideas!

  6. This party is adorable! I love all the frog details, what a great party theme. I would love for you to share this on my Sweet Tooth Tuesdays blog link party.

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