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Mother's Day Tea Party Brunch

Mother's Day was fancy this year at our house!

Well, actually it's sort of fancy every year...
Mother's Day is the one celebration where you feel like decorating with lace, doilies and pink, right?  (Am I the only one?)
Mother's Day gives you a special reason to get out the china and the glassware and celebrate mom with class. 
Need another valid reason for getting out every fancy dish in the house?  Moms don't have to wash dishes on Mother's Day, right?!  Yah! 

Last year for Mother's Day, I surprised everyone and went with a turquoise and black theme...remember?  I even used paper plates!

This year, it's back to pink and lace.
The theme?   A tea party brunch.
The problem: None of us really enjoy drinking tea.
Solution:  Fill the tea cups with flowers and make tea bag sugar cookies!
You don't need tea for a tea party, do you?

I cut up 'mini' flower buds purchased from the store and paired them with bright pink azaleas from my yard.
The tea bag sugar cookies were the place markers for each guest.
The table looked so bright with the flower filled teacups at each spot.
I used a pink cloth curtain under the lace tablecloth for a pop of color.

Large white doilies were under each place setting.
Small pink doilies were set under the glassware.
Pink netting flowed down the center of the table.
My daughter's play tea set was on display along with vintage linens passed down from my grandmother and my husband's grandmother.

The buffet table was decked out in pink as well.
For the backdrop, I hung soft pink sequined curtains I found at the Goodwill.
 The great thing about having a 'tea party'
is that the food can all be mini-sized.

We had mini stacks of buttermilk pancakes

and mini muffins...
blueberry muffins and coconut lemon!

We had a few of these powdered donut hole 'cupcakes' leftover from our Pink Cupcake Party.

And dined on individual muffin tin egg omelets.
Remember when we made them for the starfish party?  Click here.
This time I put my dad to work and made them all ahead of time.
(I love how my dad tucked his tie into his shirt as he cooked.)

Spray muffin tin. 
Place meats, veggies, herbs, cheese in the bottom of each muffin cup.
Pour beaten eggs over the top to 3/4 full.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.
A simple flag was crafted with toothpicks and washi tape.

Fresh fruit was in each glass dish.

Even the cut veggies received the fancy treatment.
Parfait glasses with ranch dip on the bottom,
then filled with carrot and celery sticks.
(I've recently strayed from baby carrots to long organic ones.
My kids seem to eat a long crazy looking carrots vs. a handful of baby I heard that they wash baby carrots with bleach?! Ugh.)

My mother-in-law followed the color theme with her frozen fruity desserts!  Aren't they beautiful?

Whipped topping with fresh mint completed the presentation!

And of course, mini pink cupcakes!

 At the kids' table, things were a little more relaxed.

At each place setting was a paper framed placemat and crayons.

Have you seen these placemats?  They're fabulous!
The kids' assignment was to draw their mom a beautiful flower.

Gift of choice for the moms--herb gardens.

Gift of choice for the grandmas--stepping stones.
They get one every year!
My sister-in-law makes them with her kids, too. 
Instead of hand prints, she does footprints.

And did you notice the photo booth?
Pink fabric was draped over our folded up ping pong table.
My dad helped me hang my glass vase banner over the top.

This was made with glass vase bottles and wire.
I 'hid' the wire with pink tulle netting and filled each vase with water and flowers.

Then came the pictures.
 My mom and mother-in-law always say I go to too much work...
I don't think they realize the pleasure that comes from my being creative, and then being able to share that creativity with those I love.

Love you both!  Happy Mother's Day!

Oh! I was completely surprised this year when my kids walked in with a gift card branch for me!  AH (Awesome Husband) read this blog idea from last year and made me one!  The kids attached coupons to the tree.  My favorite coupon:  Instant Obey!  Thank you family, I love you!

This pic didn't make the fancy line up but my brother-in-law gave a nice effort.
(If only people knew what we go through to get good pictures!)

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  1. Michelle...... how lovely! Love all your personal touches. So many ideas to pick from. those frames...wonderful... the back drop....creative.. another pretty party!

  2. I love it. Looks like so much fun. We didn't go to great effort but at the last minute I did pull out the china, flowered napkin rings and cloth napkins so ended up with a pretty table, not nearly as pretty as yours though. You did a beautiful job, as always.

  3. gorgeous Michelle! Love all the pink and all the pics, how fun!

  4. Oh what fun! I did the same tea bag cookies for our tea party too!

  5. Absolutely wonderful Mothers Day celebration, Michelle.

  6. What a beautiful Mother's Day brunch, such wonderfully creative ideas. Love the food, decor, photo booth and stepping stones. Great job. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo

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