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Kodak Blogger Event at Bartells

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the
Kodak Blogger Event
at a nearby Bartells Drug Store.
(I didn't know I'd be treated to yummy Kodak sugar cookies!)

Bartell Drugs is a Washington State Drug Store.
Walking into the store, I was greeted by Kodak staff and many bloggers.
I met Louise from MomStart who co-hosted the event...
As well as Heather from United States of Motherhood,
Leanne from Rave & Review and
Kerri from The Maven of Social Media
There were a few others, but I didn't have a chance to connect--I wanted to work on printing my pictures!

We listened to a short presentation about Kodak's kiosks and everything they can do.  Did you know they can print out pictures straight from your phone, your Facebook account and even your pictures on Instagram?
You can make quick photobooks, calendars and extra large prints, too.
(They told us they have some upcoming features being added soon.)

I love how easy the kiosks are to use. 
I played around and used many of their editing features such as brightening up my photos and touching up the faces. 
The best part is that the pictures print immediately. 
You can have your pictures within minutes! 
Here's some of the pictures I printed from our Mother's Day Tea Party.

*Note: I did like the quality of my pictures printed from my camera card, better than printed straight from my Facebook account.
And guess what?  They wanted to interview me and my experience.

Right in the middle of the store, there I was gabbing away.
Before I left I picked up one of their swag bags.

Look at all this great stuff to try out!  Wow!

Thank you Kodak.
Have you ever tried printing photos from a Kodak kiosk?


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  1. I usually print mine at Costco but may have to check their kiosk out. I think they have them at Walgreens here.