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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delightful Pastor Appreciation Gifts

It's a dark and stormy day around here...
Perfect day for some de'LIGHT'ful gifts!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and well, I'm a day late.I'm sure pastors don't care about appreciation only falling during the month of October, right?

Way back, I made a de'LIGHT'ful gift for teachers and youth workers at our church...anyone remember that?

Today I'm updating the tags with more 'light-themed' sentiments for our pastors...and this time, I asked others to join in with me.

I set out yellow gift bags at our Ladies' Bible Study and asked all the women to write notes of encouragement and thanks to our many pastors and church staff.  I told the ladies of our theme, and let them fill the bags as they saw fit.  

(Don't you love it when others go along with your ideas?)

Two weeks of collecting notes, letters and goodies,
and the bags were filled. 
Some of the 'light' themed gifts were candles, highlighters, and yellow packaged treats. 

(Note:  Chocolate is always included, whether it fits the theme or not!)

Click here to print out the tag.

The tags were tied to the bag with yellow ribbon and hand delivered to each pastor and administrative staff.

They were more than de'LIGHT'ed to receive their gifts!
Have you appreciated your pastor lately?

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