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Pastor Appreciation Table Decor

Yesterday we welcomed our new Senior Pastor (formally our Youth Pastor) with a potluck lunch and program at our church.  I was in charge of table decor.  Every pastor, in my opinion, needs lots of kind words to keep them going, so I came up with decorating branches with notes of encouragement.  Our Pastor is an outdoor, bird lover so this worked well.  Take a look!

Using cardstock from the church's supply, I spent a good 2 hours in BenFranklin Craft Store using their AccuCut machine.  I cut out three different kinds of leaves and some doves.

I told a church friend that I needed branches for each table.  He said he would take care of it...I LOVE those kind of church friends!  (Thanks, Chris!) Later, he told me that coming home on Friday night, he pulled into his cul-de-sac and found a huge tree branch blocking the road...sent by God, I'm sure!

Using his chain saw, he cut up a bunch of twig-sized branches.

He cut the bigger branch into stands.  He drilled holes in them, for the smaller branches to stand up.

How cool is this!

Meanwhile, I punched holes in the paper cut-outs and enlisted help (Thank you, Mari!) to thread them with curling ribbon.

My 'awesome' husband, (I love calling him that!) helped me lay out a ring of paper cut-outs and pens on each table.

The branches were placed in the center.
The instructions were:  Please write a note of encouragement and thanks to Pastor Adam and his family.  Tie your messages onto the branch.

During the potluck everyone wrote messages.  (I guess I had too much fun 'potlucking' that I didn't take any pictures?!)  Here's the completed branches.  I took them home and re-tied them onto three full branches.

To me, the branches and green leaves represent new growth and life for our church.  The doves are a sign of peace.  I'm taking these 'very full' branches to be displayed in our Pastor's office for a while.  Eventually I'll put all the messages in a book for him.

I'm sure these messages will bring him encouragement, hope and motivation

for years to come!



  1. Really cute idea for the Pastor!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wish I had seen this about a month ago. Best idea I've seen. Maybe next year...

  3. So creative! Thanks for this special idea Michelle.