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Gum Advent


Yikes! It's the last day of November!  Time to get those advents finished!
Last week on my Facebook page I posted this fun 'gum' advent idea to give as gifts.

Totally inspired, I decided to make my own 'gum' advents
to give to my small group leaders that I coach at church. 

Instead of just counting down the days of Christmas by chewing a piece of gum,
I thought we could add in a specific prayer request to pray for each of the 24 days.
And, because I'm always in a hurry...I made mine quick and simple. 
No fancy paper folding or ruler measuring from this girl.

Here's how I made mine.

Purchase gum that comes in 12 piece 'tablet form' pockets.
I found Trident White in 3 packs on sale.
Tape two packages together to make a book.

Using a permanent marker, write the numbers 1-24 on each individual gum pocket.
Leave the gum out of the packages while you cover the boxes.

Get out your pretty Christmas 12 x12 scrapbook paper.
Cut paper into a 4 inch wide strip.
My gum pack was about 4 inches tall.  Measure your gum pack to be exact.
You should be able to cover 3 double packs with one piece of paper.

Use scrapbook adhesive, glue stick or double stick tape and
cover the actual gum box, one section at a time.

Start folding and pressing the scrapbook paper right onto the box.
(It's sort of like you're back in high school covering your books with paper sacks.)
(Remember that?  Do they still do that nowdays?)
Don't try to glue down the outside spine of your 'gum book'.
You'll want to be able to open it.

Other tricks:  As you press the paper onto the package,
bend the corners of the box in both directions.
(Make the edge of the package flat, then stand it up--back and forth)
By doing this, you'll make the paper fold into a neat edge.

When the entire 'gum book' is covered on the front and back,
trim off the excess and seal with a piece of tape.

Aren't they pretty?
Just so you know, mine did not open all the way up...
I made them a little tight--on purpose, right?
But they're still cute.

For my Small Group Leaders at church,
I added a list of kids/people we're praying for as well as specific requests.
Each time we 'pop' in a piece of gum, we'll say a prayer for that person or specific need.

And of course, I tied my 'Gum Advents' up with some Christmas ribbon!
Let the advent season begin!

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  1. I love this! My 6 year old would go bonkers for this since he thinks gum is the biggest treat. Furiously trying to finish my day 1 advent project over here

  2. I love this idea Michelle! Thanks for sharing it. Change the paper and you can 'pop a prayer' any time of the year.

  3. This is so cute! Thank you for linking up!!

  4. SO cute! I'm hosting an advent link party and would love for you to join!

  5. This is a wonderful idea to use anytime of the year. Thank you!

  6. You've been featured at my Hookin Up with HoH party!

    Feel free to grab a button if you'd like.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  7. What a creative idea! I came across this post while using Google image search and saw the numbered gum packets. Wondering what they were, I clicked on the picture and read your post. How creative!