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Sunday School Craft for Jesus Feeding the 5000

Time for another Sunday School Craft!
Today's lesson is on sharing. The Bible story comes from John 6:5-13.
Remember this miracle?
Jesus had been teaching a huge crowd of people all day...they were hungry.
Jesus' disciples were worried about how they would find enough food for these people and pay for it.
A young boy from the crowd wants to share his lunch: 2 small fish and 5 loaves of bread.

(more of the Bible story in a minute...)

First, we have to make some lunches!

Using brown and gray fun foam and these cute little Wilton wedding favor bags,
I had the kids make their own little lunch.

I drew a simple fish and bread shape and traced it onto the foam.

The kids cut out the shapes. 
2 fish and 5 loaves (or pieces) of bread.

I used plain white address labels and had each child write their name on their bag.

On the other side of the bag,

I stuck on a (word document) label with our lesson's focus:
Share what you have!

Their pieces of bread and fish went into the bag.

OK, back to the story...

The young child brings his lunch to Jesus. 
(This is the part of the lesson where we act out bringing our food to Jesus.)

Jesus takes the food, gives thanks to God and then begins to hand out food to everyone!
All 5000+ people eat until they are full.  It was a miracle! 

When everyone had finished eating, there were 12 baskets of leftover food. 
No one went hungry.

Weren't the people glad that the boy shared his food? 
Jesus wants us to share.

Think about this miracle and what Jesus did with one tiny lunch...
from one small boy.
Jesus can use our sharing to bless others and ourselves.

What can YOU share today?