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Ice, Ice Bucket!

It's party time!
Check out my new ice bucket.

A $4. find at the Goodwill.
I love finding treasures!

After a good scrub and testing out the glass for leaks or cracks, (thankfully none!)
I decided to add the word ICE to the front.
Using frosted vinyl and my Cricut, I cut out the letters and stuck them on!

For the lid, I did a bit of sanding and spray painted on a coat of white.
Using black vinyl, I cut out the words Ice, Ice, Baby. 
(I may be aging myself here, but this old rap song, 'Ice, Ice Baby'
 brings back lots of college high school memories.)
In fact, when I showed this to my AH (awesome husband),
he immediately ran to find the CD and play it for the kids...
As the song came on, AH and I started busting out some serious,
funky 80's dance moves across the kitchen floor...
Our kids just sat back and watched stared.
(I'm sure they were impressed!)

OK, where was I... 
Next, I sprayed a couple coats of black paint over the vinyl letters.

Using tweezers, I peeled off the letters.
The white paint underneath is now showing.

I'm ready to entertain! 
Won't my guests be surprised when they lift the lid?

Stay cool!!

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  1. Great find, Michelle! Glass etching might be a fun idea for those of us who don't have vinyl capabilities. I like how you made this your own, nice job!

  2. Love the ice bucket. I am always wishing I had a cute ice bucket but I'm putting ice out in a glass bowl!
    I would love it if you would share this at my "It's a Celebration" link party.
    What a cute and inexpensive idea!

  3. I really like the subtlety of the "ICE" on the front - gotta get me some of that vinyl! And, of course, I'm right there with you liking the top too. ;)

  4. I love this find and what you turned it into - looks like you paid so much for it - and yes, I remember Ice Ice Baby :)

  5. Super cool. :) I love those Goodwill finds!

  6. Very cool and fun!! I need to start going to Goodwill!

  7. great idea! love it! super creative and fun!
    xoxo Janean

  8. Great find, your decorating decisions made me smile, thanks.

    (Stop, collaborate and listen. The Ice is back with a brand new edition . . . )