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A Thankful Tree

One of the things I love about blogging, is seeing so many great ideas that others are doing. 
(and then, copying them!!)
One idea (I keep seeing) is to have a family thankful tree for Thanksgiving. 
Family members write on paper leaves what they're thankful for
and then tie their leaves on branches to create a tree.. 

I've actually done this for others...

So, this year my family is making a Thankful Tree.

Remember this post from Halloween, when I tied ribbon around my pumpkins?

Well, it was time to refresh for Thanksgiving.

Here's the same pumpkins...although they're looking a little bit tired.
(Hang in there one more week, pumpkins!)
I read on another blog that I should bathe my pumpkins in clorox next year.
Apparently they keep 'forever' and don't rot?!

I tied them up with an orange'ish' color of ribbon
 and scattered a few fabric leaves.
(Fabric leaves are the best!  They're always beautiful!)

My bare red branches are just waiting for some thankful leaves!

I cut leaves out of colored card stock on my Cricut machine.
My family wrote what they were thankful for.
(I did have to encourage complete sentences, nice penmanship, etc. etc.
It seems they thought one word would do it?  I don't think so!)

The leaves were hole punched and tied onto the branches with burgundy colored ribbon.

And there you have it! 

Our Thankful Tree!

Other ideas I've seen:
-give one leaf to each family member every day in November to write a thanksgiving
-create tree on Thanksgiving Day, giving guests leaves at the dinner table
-take leaves off and put in a Thanksgiving scrapbook every year
-instead of using leaves, use tags already punched and ready to be tied
-children that can't write, draw pictures of what they're thankful for
-tree can be created on a wall, or leaves can hang from chandelier, instead of on branches

Happy Thanksgiving!
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1

Did you see what will be on our Thanksgiving table?
(They're made from a Dollar Store blanket!)
Here's what the kids gave their teachers.

Here's some cookies we'll be eating!
Click here to see source.

1 comment :

  1. Love the cookies, the gifts for the teachers, the place holders and the tree. Hard to be super creative in a motorhome in a town of 4,000 but will enjoy your creativity and maybe I'll copy some of your Christmas ideas.