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Kids Crafting Eggs with Style

I've got a fun, quick craft for the kids today...or for the adults.

Decorating Plastic Eggs with Craft Supplies.
It's as easy as it sounds!

Gather your old plastic eggs and some Glue Dots.
(I LOVE Glue Dots!  They make things stick easily and no mess!)

Dump out your miscellaneous craft supplies...
buttons, gems, flowers, stickers, googly eyes, ribbons, feathers, foam shapes, etc. etc.
Gather your kids and let them decorate (craft embellish) their eggs!
You just never know what they'll come up with!

My daughter headed straight to the stick on jewels and feathers.
How fun are these?

My son gravitated towards the googly eyes. 
'Eye' love it!

Buttons are fun...

and check out these crazy Pom-embellished eggs!

Use whatever you have lying around...
Who knew you could decorate eggs with paperclips?

The best thing about the Glue Dots is that they come off easily!

Happy Egg Crafting to you!

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I love seeing all the creative ideas!  Stop by and take a look!

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  1. All your eggs are wonderful!

  2. Michelle, What fun eggs! I love the ones with the googly eyes and the colorful paper clips. :-) Sue