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Easter Garden and Grass Growing

It's time! Don't hesitate another day!
Today is the day to plant your Easter grass!
There's only 2 weeks until Easter!

(Remember my Easter decor from last year?  Click here if you missed it.)

What? You aren't planting grass for Easter? 
But it's so much fun to have real grass growing indoors! 
Your Easter table comes alive--truly!  Your Easter decor rises to a new level--seriously!

Maybe I can inspire you?  Look how simple it can be.
Here's what we have planted...

An Easter Garden.
(It hasn't exactly started growing yet, but it's close!)

Inspired by this picture I've seen floating around Facebook and Pinterest.
I can't find the original source...but I knew I needed to copy it!
(Does anyone know of the original source--let me know.)

Here's how I made mine.
I used a large plastic pot liner -found at hardware stores. 
(You can use any type of container.  Low and round work well.)
I also used a bag of rocks, a mini terracotta pot, twine, branches,
and of course potting soil and grass seeds.

I filled my plastic liner with soil, mounding it up and over my mini pot.

I added the bag of rocks and placed one big rock next to the pot.

I sprinkled grass seeds over the soil and sprayed with a water bottle.
The watering is a perfect job for kids!

*Special hint to make the grass seeds sprout faster...
After watering, place a loose piece of plastic wrap over the seeds.  Place the garden near a sunny window and/or a heat source.  The moisture with the heat will be trapped in the plastic wrap creating a 'greenhouse' effect, allow the seeds to sprout quickly. 
Be sure to water a couple times a day--never letting the seeds dry out.
With a little special attention, my seeds sprouted in 3-4 days.

I made some simple crosses out of tree branches and twine.

Stick the crosses in the soil mound and watch the grass grow!

I can hardly wait to see the grass come in!  Oh,'s sprouting!

Also growing is our egg heads.

Did you miss this post from last year?  Click here.

This year my friend gave me eggs from her backyard chickens!  Look at these amazing colors!

When using the eggs, crack open just the tops.  Wash out eggs lightly.
Fill empty egg with soil and grass seeds.
Water using a spray bottle and watch the 'hair' grow!

Once the grass (hair) comes in nice and thick, style them to represent each family member. 
Have the kids help you create hairstyles like pigtails and buzz cuts--
Glue on googly eyes and draw on smiles.


Last year we added name markers and set them at each person's place at the Easter table.
They definitely added lots of personality and fun to the table!

And I just have to share this beautiful Easter basket from How Does She?
You won't be wanting fake grass ever again!

So...are you inspired?  Are you off to plant some grass?
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  1. Michelle, I just LOVE all your Easter grass decorations! Especially the empty tomb! I wanted to do one this Easter, but didn't. I am happy you did! So perfect and honoring to God!

  2. These ideas are awesome! The one with the crosses and the empty tomb made my heart skip a beat! What a PERFECT way to remember what Easter is really about! I'm going to share this on my Facebook page!

  3. I love anything spring with real grass growing! You don't have to have a green thumb, either! Thanks for the tomb's lovely!

  4. Love all of your ideas...very creative. Love the grass hair fellas! Thanx for sharing. Tiffany

  5. Wow, this is so creative and fun! Your kids must love this!