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Arrow Valentines

It's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day--one of my favorite holidays of the year! I just can't get enough of those hearts, love letters and corny puns. Of course, you know I LOVE puns! I also love giving valentines to just about everybody. Friends, neighbors, service people, helpers, teachers, etc. etc.

A to Z Valentines

I'm starting my valentine ideas today with the Letter A.
Yep, we're going from A to Z once again. This is my 3rd year on this Alphabet Valentine adventure. I hope you'll check back everyday and see what is happening from now until Valentine's Day. You might want to check out the past year's valentines as well.
I have over 100 Valentine ideas on my blog.
Click here to see the list.

Today's valentine isn't a printable card, but a gift. It uses the simplest materials--no printer needed! I think the hardest part will be finding the long skinny candy. If you can't find any candy that works, use a wrapped pepperoni stick. 

OK, Let's get started. Here are the materials I used:

-12 inch Laffy Taffy candy sticks
-red washi tape or valentine washi tape
-white feathers
-red and white baker's twine
-red construction paper
-black pen

 I found these Laffy Taffy sticks at the drug store. They're 12 inches long, 3 for 99. cents.

First Step: Hold 3 feathers at one end of the candy and start wrapping the Washi tape around the feathers and the candy stick together.

Keep wrapping the Washi tape all the way to the end of the stick.

Using red construction paper, cut out 3 hearts. 1 medium sized, 2 smaller ones.
With a black pen, write valentine messages on each one.
I wrote:
Happy Valentine's Day!
You Make My Heart Quiver!
I hit the bullseye--YOU!
I Love You!

Tie on a piece of Baker's Twine near the feathers and tape on the smaller hearts to the twine.

Tape the bigger heart as an 'arrow' to the other end of the candy stick.

Hand deliver to a special someone.

Here's some more Valentine arrow ideas:

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