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Woodland and Tree Themed Pun Party with Free Printables

Hello! Today I've got a fun Woodland themed party to share with you. Of course it's full of puns, free printables and even some menu options. I love when parties are simple, creative and fun. Scroll on down and take a look.

Tree themed party with free

This month (January) is my dad's birthday, and once again I can't be with him to celebrate. (He lives on the other side of the state about 5 hours away.) So, I packed up all these things and sent them to him. My mom will recreate this party and celebrate without me. Thanks, Mom. I'm also happy to report that the box made it there in time for the celebration--that's a huge win. Yay! You have no idea what a big deal this is. Their post office is super slow!

Tree/Woodland themed party with free

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To create this simple theme, just gather all the rustic/natural wood things in your home to decorate the table. I had some woven wood chargers (mine came from Hobby Lobby), rustic wood boxes, pinecones, small faux trees, fresh cedar clippings, wood beads, candles, burlap ribbon, etc. It doesn't take much, but the real greenery and real pine cones helps set the tone. (If your party is in the fall season, play up the leaves!)
I didn't even use a tablecloth, but instead kept my table bare so I could see the wood.

Tree pun party with free printables

You know I love puns, and these pun printables MAKE the party. Just print them out, trim the edges and fold them over so they stand up. Easy! You might even get a chuckle or two from your guests?

Tree puns and free printables

Come on-- tell me you didn't smile at that pun?  AH (Awesome Husband) came up with that one! 

I've also included some printable place cards. Just write in your guests names and place them at each seat. I always love place takes the pressure out of wondering where you should sit.
Wait, you don't have that pressure? Oh...well, don't use them, then.

Woodland Tree Themed Party

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For each place setting I used my woven chargers (these are similar to mine) with dinner plates and dark brown napkins. I placed a pine cone at each spot with the name place cards and gold utensils. My new gold flatware came from here. I'm in love!

Woodland Tree Themed Party

Now, let's talk food. I came up with a couple different menu options for this party and made little food labels for each item. Choose what works best for your celebration.

Woodland and Tree Themed Party with food ideas

There's something about labeling food with fun names that is so underrated! Why don't more people do this? Food labeling turns a gathering into a party...and it's so easy to do!

Woodland Tree Themed Party

Woodland Tree Themed Party

You may be noticing those cute ( galvanized cupcake stands? I use them all the time for things other than cupcakes.

Woodland and Tree Themed Party with food ideas

You do know how to make a donut tree, right? It's so cute and fabulous!
I made this one for my daughter's Favorite Things Party. Everyone loves a Donut Tree!
You can even stick a candle in the top and call it birthday cake!

Make a donut tree

Donut Tree Directions:
1. Wrap a stryofoam cone completely with plastic wrap.
2. Starting at the bottom, stick a toothpick in the cone and push a donut hole onto the toothpick.
3. Repeat these steps over and over in rows, until you fill the entire cone.
Warning: You will need a bunch of donut holes to fill the cone!

Woodland and Tree Themed Party with food ideas

Sometimes you just want to serve a few little snacks and call it a party. That works, too!

Woodland Tree Themed Party

You'll notice that I make my 'ants' with mini chocolate chips, NOT raisins. No one likes raisins....well, I don't.

Woodland Tree Themed Party

I'm a big fan of these Old Wisconsin Turkey Sticks. Mmm.

Tree puns and free printables

Line up the food choices, display the food cards and let guests nibble as they please.

Woodland Themed Party Foods

And there you go. A simple, fun Woodland Pun Party.

Tree puns and free printables

The printable pun cards can be used as tags on the gifts, too. Tie on a faux greenery to the package.
 Click here to print your own Wood Pun Party Printables.

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