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Bus Driver Christmas Gift

We always love to come up with some fun and creative gifts for the kid's bus driver.

Remember the Mr. Goodbar bus thank you last spring?  Click here for post.
Well, this year it's a sausage bus!

I put these supplies in front of my 9 year old and AH (awesome husband)...

...and they came up with this!

9 year old did the craft work,
AH came up with the clever puns
 (that had to be explained to the 9 year old),
and I added on the speech bubbles.

Updated:  Some have been asking how they actually made this.
1. Wrap a piece of yellow construction paper around the sausage, taping to secure on the bottom.
2. Hot glue 4 large black buttons where the wheels should be.
3. Use another piece of yellow construction paper, this time 3/4 the length of the sausage and about 6 inches wide.
Fold the paper into thirds.  Open up the two side flaps and tape the flaps to the sides of the covered sausage.
(You want it to rise above the sausage.)
4.  Tape on black squares for the windows.
5.  Print out sayings, cut around words to create speech bubbles.  Tape on.

The sausage is cleverly taped inside.

Here's my crazy kid, posing for the picture.

On the top of the bus,
the kids wrote a Merry Christmas thank you message and signed their names.

Thank you, Mr. Dan!

Thanks for keeping my kids safe!

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  1. Very cute gift. Thanks for stopping by today. Oh I wish some days that we had buses here. I'm in the car about an hour and twenty minutes getting my kids to school and myself back home each morning. They just don't do them here where we live.

  2. Darn, too bad my kids walk. What a CUTE idea!!

  3. Brillant! The puns are hysterical and I think I might just use them for someone this year - seriously funny