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Quick S'mores Gift Idea

S'mores in a bag.

Here's a sweet little gift idea for classmates, church helpers, assistants
 and all those people on your list that need 'Smore' Christmas love! 

Simple ingredients:  Graham crackers, Christmas Peeps,
Snack size Hershey bars, Christmas paper.

To reduce crumbs and make it look a little more 'presentable',
I repackaged the Peeps and the graham crackers in a separate cellophane bag.
(This is completely optional.)

In a small cellophane bag,
place 2 graham cracker squares, 1 Christmas Peep and 1 Hershey's snack size bar.

Make a tag. (I just printed them off on the computer.)
For front tag: 
S'more Love for you! 
Merry Christmas

For back of tag: 
Christmas Smores!
Place Peep and chocolate on graham cracker.
Microwave a few seconds.

Staple tag on top of cellophane bag.
To be fancy, tie on a ribbon!
Give to all you love.

Christmas Love to you!
To see the Valentine version of these treats--Click Here.


  1. Seriously, I'm so behind on school gifts, they get out next week, and this is perfect for the kids since we can't give them homemade treats!

  2. These are so cute! I pinned them for next year since NUTTIN, no NUTTIN more is getting added to my holiday / pre-baby to-do list. NOTHING I tell you!! :) I love these but why didn't you post them a couple of weeks ago when I started baking batches and batches of treats for my husband's employees?

    Maybe my son's playgroup will get a Valentine's version . . . how about s'more love this Valentine's day.

  3. Love any idea that is cute and quick! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Love your idea... pinned it on Pinterest =)

  5. Ha! I had to tell you that I pinned this and BOOM! it was repinned seven times within minutes. Such a neat idea. Thanks!

  6. Quick, simple and three favorite words to describe something!!! Gonna try to do these over the weekend!!

  7. So cute, I don't think we get those cute peeps around her though, too bad:(

  8. awesome-can use for Valentine's Day-with a heart shaped Peep too:)

  9. Where did you get the Christmas paper, What size is the plain red paper and the paper that has the text one?

    1. Christmas paper came for SEI Christmas paper pack. I don't remember my exact measurements on the text paper and red paper. Just print out the instructions and cut and mat to fit.