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A 'Nutty' Teacher Appreciation

Our Moms In Touch Prayer Group meets weekly to pray for our children and their school.
We wanted to give our children's teachers and staff a little treat for Christmas.
We love our kids' school, but no Christmas trees or Christmas decorations are allowed.
(It's a district policy,--isn't that sad?!)

Well, we brainstormed a few ideas and decided to go with a 'nut' theme for our treats.
When we saw this 'acorn donut hole' idea online, we ran with it!

We simply purchased donut holes and dipped an end into melting chocolate.

Then rolled the donuts into the sprinkles and added a pretzel stem.

What fun we had creating these little acorns!

After we ran out of chocolate sprinkles we added a few red and green sprinkles as well.
(It's OK, I don't think the sprinkles counted as a Christmas decoration.)

We also purchased different kinds of nuts to set out in little white dishes.
I made simple tags to label the different kinds of nuts.
One friend brought her children's squirrel and chipmunk animals to add to the decor.

Recognize this tree from my Thanksgiving post? Click here.
I cut acorns out with the Silhouette and we all wrote notes to the teachers
 and staff thanking them for their hard work and love they give our children.

I printed out a quick sign, "We're 'NUTS' for our staff!" to add to the table.

Here's the 'Nutty' display we set up in the Teacher's Lounge.
The teachers loved it!

(In fact, one teacher mentioned that we can do that every week if we'd like!)

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  1. What a cute idea! so fun for teachers! I'd love for you to link up to my Feature Friday Linky Party