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Potpourri Bags- Easy gift idea!

I've got a quick, cute and easy gift to make and give. 

Potpourri Bags! 

What neighbor or teacher or friend or Bible Study leader or school secretary or music teacher-
(can you tell who I'm giving these gifts too?)
wouldn't want their home smelling delicious for Christmas?

Yep, I think we ALL want our house smelling like Christmas goodness!

Here's what you'll need:
-cellophane bags (small sized and large)
-bay leaves
-whole cloves
-cinnamon sticks
-lemons, limes, oranges
-Christmas paper, cutter, stapler, adhesive, hole puncher, ribbon.

(Bay leaves and whole cloves can be super expensive!  Don't buy at your grocery store, instead head to the discount market or even a Mexican supermarket.  The prices are much more reasonable!  Be on the lookout for when cloves go on sale, too!)

Make the potpourri mix:  (Gather your kids and start an assembly line!)
Take one small cellophane bag. 
Add in 1 Tablespoon of whole cloves, 3-4 little cinnamon sticks and 3-4 bay leaves. 
Tie up with a ribbon.

Take a large cellophane bag and put in 1 small orange (satsuma), 1 lemon and 1 lime.
Place the potpourri mix bag on top of the fruit.

Make a tag. 
Using a Word Document, make a label for the front of the tag: 
(Something like this works.)

from our home
to yours!

(Here are the directions for the back of the bag.)

Simmer in a saucepan on stove-
2 lemon wedges, 2 orange slices,
1 lime slice, 2 cups water,
and contents of this package.
Add water as needed.
Refrigerate to keep fresh.
May a Christmas fragrance fill
your home and heart.

Print, trim, glue on cardstock then onto Christmas scrapbook paper.
The Potpourri words go on the front of the tag, the directions are glued to the back of the tag.
The tag is a piece of cardstock folded over--easy!

Gather up the top of the cellophane bag, place tag over the ends and staple the tag through the cellophane.
  Hole punch the top, add a brad and finish it off with some ribbon. 
(I have to have ribbon on everything-it looks so festive!)

Another option for this gift is to leave out the fresh fruit and just give the potpourri mix. 
This is a perfect option to stick in an envelope or mailboxes at work. 
Simply shrink down the tag and staple it to the small potpourri bag.  Done!

Hope your Christmas is exSMELLent!

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