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Candy Coated Popcorn Mix

You may have had this amazing popcorn treat before...
White candy coating mixed with popcorn, Fritos and pretzels.
So yummy and addicting, yet this treat doesn't have a name?!

A coworker, years ago introduced me to it...she called it--Snowflake Mix.
A girlfriend of mine calls it-- Chicks and Sticks.
Try to look it up online and people are calling it
They put Kix cereal or even M&M candies in it.

I call it--  Candy Coated Popcorn Mix.
It's what my neighbors look forward to every Christmas.
If I'm not careful, I can eat the entire batch myself--seriously!

Just take a look at this super easy recipe!
(The hardest part is finding a super huge bowl or container to mix this stuff up in.)

Pop 2-3 microwave bags of popcorn.  (Be sure to remove all popcorn kernels.)
Stir in 1 bag of Fritos corn chips.
Add in 1-2 cups of pretzel sticks.

Mix well.

Pour 1 pound of melted Vanilla Candy Coating over the popcorn mixture. This is found in most grocery stores  or click here for affiliate link.

Some folks like their popcorn mixture 'drenched' in the white candy...if that is the case, use 2 packages of Vanilla Candy Coating. 

I prefer it lightly coated, so I only use one package.

Mix well.
Let cool and dry.

Package up the mix in little bags and deliver to neighbors and friends...
eat it all yourself! 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love that stuff! I made some this year to mix with Cookies and Cups Bugle Santa Hats. Very addictive!!!

  2. Oh my word - I love this stuff! Do I dare make it though? I think I'd eat the whole batch!

  3. We call it snow and twigs" - it is seriously addicting! We also add cocktail peanuts. It's usually intended for a party or gifts...then we eat it all instead...yikes!