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Christmas Cards

It's Christmas card time!

I always do my Christmas cards in the car on Thanksgiving week-end!
Yep, right there in the front passenger seat! 

This really shouldn't surprise any of you long-time followers of my blog.
The drive to my parent's home takes about 9 hours in the car, round trip. 
AH (Awesome Husband) does all the driving from one side of Washington State to the other. 
9 hours is about the perfect amount of time to get all of my Christmas cards done!
(Yes, we send quite a few.)
9 hours seems like such a long time, but have you ever added up how much time it
takes you to get your cards finished?
Christmas cards are a HUGE time investment---but I still love sending and receiving them!
The hardest part??
Getting all the pieces ready to assemble.
Here's my supplies:

1.   Lap Desk-- most important item of all! 
(Don't try working in the car without one!)

2.   Plastic bag to hold scraps, garbage, ribbon clippings, etc.
(You thought the bag was for something else, right?  Luckily, I don't get car sick.)

3.   Christmas pictures/copies made
(We send photo cards--so we have our picture taken in late October/early November.)
For the amount of pictures we send, Costco printing is (by far)
the most economical choice for our family.

4. Christmas letter written, copies made,
copies trimmed to fit on back of photo.
(Our Christmas letter is usually a joint effort. 
I do a rough draft and then AH polishes it a bit...sometimes more than a bit.)

5. Ribbon/scissors/good pen
(I always add ribbon to my cards!  This year just a bow.) 
In my opinion, everything looks better with ribbon!

6.   Address Labels printed. 
(I use a Word Document with all my addresses and print them out on plain white labels.)

7.   Adhesive
(For the Christmas letter, I used my scrapbooking tape runner.
For the ribbon bows, I used glue dots--I love glue dots!)

8.   Envelopes

9.   Return address labels.
(I ordered ours from Current.)

10. Stamps

I love writing a few personal notes and signing each letter. 
Sometimes my handwriting is a little shaky...
especially if we're crossing through the mountain pass!
(Check out that rain and snow!)

The closer we get to home, the faster I assemble the cards.
As we pull in the driveway to our home,
it's nice to have one thing checked off my overly crowded To-Do List!

Want to see our Christmas picture?

We had a bit of fun this year during the photo shoot.
(Picture in your mind a sweet turquoise bow in the corner on the photo.)

May your year be full of Joy, Love and Peace!
Merry Christmas!

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  1. So much fun - my favorite card I've seen!

  2. Super cute Christmas card and I love that you work on them in the car. I think I'd get sick! lol... ;)

  3. That is a great picture idea! Your family is so cute.

  4. Very creative ideas, and adorable family pix :D

    Thanks for sharing :D

    Visiting from Happy House Project's Freestyle Friday linky party,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  5. Lol...I can't believe you assemble them in the car! Impressive! LOVE the photo! Great job. I'd be so excited if you'd share this at my party:

  6. hi, love yr xmas card, and the way you made them, in the car, very clever idea!
    tks, for sharing.
    rgds, dalys

  7. Just an FYI - I shared your link on my blog today. Gave full credit of course. =)

  8. The thing I love most about your peace sign is that in the UK, it's almost as offensive as the middle finger :D We do our peace sign exactly the same but palm facing outwards (if that makes sense?).

    Anyway, you were featured on Junk in their Trunk today so I had to come over and tell you I found it so amusing :) xx

    Samantha x