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Top 11 Posts of 2011!

It's the last day of 2011.

I'm counting down my top 11 (most read) posts of the year. 
I've been blogging for 10 months and it always amazes me what people want to read. 
Actually, it astonishes me that others WANT to read about the craft happenings in my life. 
For awhile there it was just my mom and mother-in-law reading...
and of course my AH (awesome husband). 

A big thank you to all who DO turn in and read what I'm up to...
AND a big thank you to all my followers.  I appreciate each and every comment. 
Thanks for the encouragement and support!

It's been a fun year.  Here we go!
Starting with post #11 on the list. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that readers were showing this post to their sports-crazed husbands.
I loved reading their comments. 
One reader told me she will never show this to her husband because she would have to make him one.
 By the way, AH loves his tree and hasn't let me take it down....yet!

I'm not quite sure why this post made the countdown...
maybe others could relate to my issue with glasses left out everywhere?!
My junk find was put to good use...we still use it everyday.

A simple Dollar Store baby blanket, beans, ribbon and a cinnamon stick
was all it took to make these pumpkins.  Super fast and easy! 
They sure added some bright color to the Thanksgiving table and an
added bonus--- they smell good.

This was probably one of the most simple gifts I've ever posted on my blog. 
It really doesn't get any easier than this.  Store bought towels on clearance and add a tag and ribbon. 
AH thought my tag saying was clever--my kids didn't get it.

My mom's friend found the Crate & Barrel Driftwood Mirror advertisement in a magazine.  When she suggested I make my own, I thought she was crazy! 
When I later found the perfect base to glue the wood to, I decided to go for it. 
(My mom's friend made one too.)  Many readers, including international readers loved this, however...I'm still not in love.  I look at it and think it looks like something I made in 5th grade.
I might give it away---any takers?  It's heavy!

It's sad to say that this post was an idea taken from another blogger.  I gave her full credit, but it's still crazy that I received so many hits to my site because of this idea. 
Just so you know, I did thank her!
I did come up with the cute 'Sundae' school teacher idea and packaging...
(just pointing out I showed a little bit of creativity here...not much, but a little.)

What started out as my son's summer project (making balloon animals),
turned into these cute bracelets.
They actually take a bit more time, patience and balloons than they seem.
  Just remember to save those popped balloons and do not make balloon animals when Dad is around!

Here's another idea I copied from multiple bloggers...and made it my own. 
My kids LOVED playing with these things!  It was a perfect summer day craft.

This was one of those crafts I've done for years. 
Many, many friends have received cards from me that look like this.
I finally wrote a post on it back in May. 
Imagine my surprise when the Frugal Girls Blog featured it!
I instantly had thousands of people reading how I make cards!  Craziness!

This is my favorite post of 2011.  My friend battling breast cancer asked for some thank you notes.  Making these for her brought me so much joy!  The best part---her treatments and surgery are over and the cancer is GONE!  Praise God!
I need to make her some more!


Ready to see my top post of 2011??  I'm sure it will surprise you,  I'm definitely stumped! 
It's another idea that I borrowed from someone else... 
(I really need to work on my original ideas this year!)

#1  Quick S'mores Gift Idea

Yep, these quick and simple S'more Gifts have received more hits and more pins on Pinterest than any other post I published this year.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised--
how can anyone turn down a chocolatey, gooey s'more?

  In February my little blog will be a year old!
I have a few surprises in store and I'll be sharing MY favorite posts of the year...
so 'stick' with me friends!  (Aww...get it?)


Here's wishing you s'more love as you celebrate the new year!
Happy 2012!

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  1. I'll take the driftwood mirror! Though I think what it's missing is some ribbon! Plus what if you did some etching on the glass? You could etch the fruits of the Spirit around the edge or perhaps the Armor of God? Then when you looked on the mirror you could 'see' what you aspire to be.

    Happy New Year!

  2. i love your creativity and your blog! i'm so proud and pleased and not at all surprised by your "followers!"

  3. I love your blog and always enjoy seeing how productive you were - always makes me want to go make something - congratulations on your first 10 months, can't wait to see the next 10!

  4. Yes! Lovw your creativty. I made the sponge balls this summer for fun on the boat. I loved the towels Christmas gift, will be doing this next year as a gift when we elf our neighbors.

    Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year:)

  5. Some great posts there! Love the ice cream one too! Karima

  6. What an amazing grouping of projects! That is a whole lot of pretty all in one spot!

  7. You have at a busy year...or should I say 10 months? So many great ideas but I love the clean counter station! Thanks for sharing!

  8. My favorite is definitely the driftwood mirror! Plus, it's the post that led to me becoming bloggy friends with you. :)