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Spoon Wreath

Today I'm sharing this super quick wreath I made for my friend's Spoon Party.
Click here to learn about why we were having a Spoon Party.
Isn't this wreath fun?  I found the idea on Pinterest (click here),
but I couldn't locate the original source on how to make one...don't you hate that?
So, I made up my own tutorial.
This is possibly the fastest wreath I've ever made...
No, it IS the fastest wreath I've ever made!  Wreaths usually take me forever!
This one is done in 5 steps!

Here we go!
Step 1:  Find some pretty fabric and a styrofoam wreath.
My fabric and wreath came from my favorite store...Hobby Lobby.

Step 2:  Cut strips of the pretty fabric.  (My strips measured 3".)
Wrap fabric strips around the wreath, covering the styrofoam.
Overlap the strips just slightly and don't worry about the pattern.
(I used a little hot glue as I went...just a tiny bit to keep the fabric in place.)
Keep the fabric as flat and snug as you can.

Step 3:  Tie on a piece of wide ribbon for hanging.
Do this now, so you'll know the exact center of the wreath when you place your spoons on.
Step 4:  Gather spoons.  (I used 11 spoons.)
I went shopping at Goodwill and found a bunch of old spoons for .20 each.
Step 5:  Place spoons on the wreath and glue.
I placed my spoons on the wreath in alternating directions,
equal distance apart...almost like numbers on a clock.
A bit of hot glue in the middle of the handle, held each spoon strongly to the fabric.
That's it!  A spoon wreath.  Now, wasn't that quick?
The wreath looked beautiful displayed at the party.
When the party was over I took the wreath off the wall
and handed it to my friend, Leah to take home.
She was thrilled!

Another one of Leah's friends made her this ultra chic plastic spoon wreath.
Have you seen these on Pinterest? 
It's a wreath made with hot glue and 45 plastic spoons!
What a statement!



  1. Fun idea... that plastic spoon wreath would be perfect for an ice cream social!

  2. Had never heard of a Spoon Party since your post before this one. Wonderful concept...and this spoon wreath is so cute. Would be great for different food- or kitchen-related party themes, too!

  3. This wreath is so fun! Great job! :)

  4. SO cute! Super funny... I just bought a bunch of spoons at Goodwill tonight! Coincidence? or meant to be?

  5. I am so lucky to get to hang the wreaths in my home!! Thanks, Michelle!!