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Crazy Cracker Reindeer Treats

I'm almost ready to show you our Reindeer Party,
but first, here's a quick, reindeer snack for the kids.

Crazy Cracker Reindeer Treats

You really can make anything look like a reindeer if you add eyes, nose and antlers!

Nut Cups (Dollar store)
Minis Club Crackers
Pocky Sticks (found in the Asian section of the grocery store.)
Edible eyes
Red colored candies (we used Sixlets.)
White Decorating Icing

Fill nut cups with crackers and
2 Pocky sticks sticking up like antlers.

Using a dab of icing, stick on 2 edible eyes and 1 red candy nose for each nut cup.

Stick the nose cracker in the front of the cup.
Place the eye crackers in the back of the cup.
They look a little crazy, don't they?
(By the way, these were gone in a flash...have refills ready!)

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